In today's Guinee Bissao, the new guelewar is a warrior from the former kingdom of gabu. I identify the shape with the Guelewar's visual picture or appearence in my imagination.
- Ismaila Fatty


Conceptual Form 
This form has been a spark in the making of the rest of "VISUAL REALITY." It has given a new perspective on the work. The choice of material triggered the appearance of new details in the visual aspect. There was no interruption in the making until the form finally manifested itself. Unlike on many occasions when new reflections can interfere in the creation.

 Healing Society
Public perceptions of belief systems that we have gotten accustomed to must shift
Ismaila Fatty

The awakening of the people has strengthened the solidarity within the collective, this form has given me the impression that every line in the work represents a fighting spirit for freedom.Symbols of unity which are expressed are shown in the lines that represent humanity.

Power Of  People 
A positive manifestation of'self-liberating transcendence' characterizes authentic spirituality
- Ismaila Fatty
Healing Warriors
Healing mothers are the healing warriors. Who, in the midst of any social upheaval, figures out how to save the lives of the younger ones
- ismaila Fatty

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