Work on sculptural forms was carried out in the year 2000. The materials used were cotton and silk cloth that were coloured then shaped into three-dimensional forms. They turned out to be objects that could be hung on walls. Some of them appeared to be representations of human forms; while others, in rectangular shapes, depicted human forms holding hands and dancing in the imaginary. They were all displayed as exhibits in different contexts.
The idea has been realised but there is a dimension in the cloth, in its forms and colours, that remains obscure and invisible as it morphs into a knot. Close to the end of the creative process colour is applied to the material before submerging it into the starch solution. It becomes rigid and subtle all at once, effectively obscuring its essence.
There have been several objects in the collection that I could not maintain. Since there was considerable experimentation, I was unconcerned about altering shapes or colours. I was inspired to alter the sculptural form of the creations back to normal cloth.
I will certainly be reminded by the thought processes that led to the original idea, but I also anticipated experiencing moments of pleasant surprises during the recovery process. Indeed, the colour and form nuances that emerged constituted such a moment of genuine surprise, a truly exciting experience.

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